10 Questions To Ask Your Home Builder Before Signing A Contract  

Before you start building your custom home, make sure you get the answers to some important questions. You are probably most concerned about time and money, and scheduling and budgeting are important, but those aren’t the only things you need to know about before you get started. 

  1. What kind of experience do you have building custom homes?

     San Diego Home Remodelers who are going to take on a big project like customizing a home need to have the right kind of experience in order to make sure they get the results you really want. There is a lot that goes into managing this kind of project, and you want to start out with the confidence that the process is in good hands. 

  2. Is the lot price included?

     When you are choosing your options as to what you want, you will notice there is a base price and then a price for any of the features you want. Sometimes that price includes the land, especially if it is part of a group of new homes, but not always. Even if the lot is included, there may be an additional charge for certain features, such as the location. If you don’t already have a lot, you can also ask your contractor for help in finding one suitable for your needs. 

  3. What could cause the price to change before the home is finished?

     The last thing you want is to agree to a certain price and then end up with a much heftier bill for the agreed-on work. Experienced general contractors will know ahead of time what kind of prices might fluctuate, like materials, and what prices will stay the same, such as building permits. You should receive a detailed list at the start of the project outlining the expected expenses and fees, with any possible variations. 

  4. What will happen if there are unavoidable delays? 

    Even the most experienced builders can’t control everything, and there may be delays because of weather or other unforeseeable issues. Your contractor should give you a timeline before you get started that includes room for those kinds of issues and a plan for what to expect if there are delays out of their control. 

  5. What kind of warranties are included? 

    One great thing about building something new is that there are often already warranties included on the materials and/or the work. There may already be a warranty on the whole house or on the basic structure. Make sure you understand how long those warranties last, so you can decide early if you need a supplemental warranty. 

  6. Is landscaping included?

     Depending on the existing land, it may be expensive to put in your own sodding and seeding, let alone basic bushes and/or trees. Find out exactly what you will have to take care of on your own upfront. 

  7. Are there any homeowners or neighborhood rules?

     If you are using a lot chosen by the builder, find out more about the location. Are there any hidden fees or regulations? If you are the kind of person who wants to do what you want with your own property, you may not want a place with too many rules. Working with a homeowners association is especially important when adding a second-story or an ADU to your home. 

  8. Does the builder help with financing?

     There may be certain incentives for using a lender that already has a relationship with the builder. Even if you may be able to get a better deal elsewhere, the process may go more smoothly if the builder already works closely with the lender. 

  9. Can I see some references?

     A sure sign of a confident General Contractoris a list of happy customers willing to talk about their experience. You can get reassurance about the building process, too. 

  10. What do you see as the relationship between builder and customer?

     Find a builder who sees your relationship as a partnership and wants to make sure you are comfortable throughout the home building process. 

If you are building a new custom home, or if you are doing construction on an existing home, work with someone who has the experience you need so you can feel confident with what you’re having done. With over a decade of experience in the San Diego area,DM Building is fully licensed and insured and ready to meet your housing needs. Give us a call today!