A San Diego Custom Home

Where do you begin?  

Even if you don’t have a floorplan yet, you probably have an idea of what the perfect house would look like. If you’re like most people, you probably think it’s too complicated and expensive to build your own dream house. San Diego Home Remodelers can help you build a custom home within your budget and in a reasonable timeframe.

Getting Started on Your Custom Home

Once you decide to move forward, you need to take care of 3 practical considerations.

  1. Make a budget so you know how much money you can pay toward your goal. Check your credit report and consider a mortgage.
  2. Decide on a timeframe so you can plan the details of your life while you are building your home. Consider whether you have children who will need to relocate schools and other important neighborhood factors.
  3. Pick the location of your new home. You can decide whether you want to belong to a growing subdivision or build on an independent plot with no close neighbors. Do you want trees, nearby schools, or handy shopping?

Choosing Your Custom Home Design

Now decide all of the important features of your new home. Start at the macro level before getting down to details. First, choose what size you want your home to be. How much square footage do you need? Are there family members who would have trouble with stairs? Are there other features that would make the home more accessible to your family and guests? When planning the number of bedrooms, you can consider possible new family additions or in-laws who may be sharing your space and might want the privacy of an apartment setting.

Then consider other important lifestyle factors. Do you want a library, a movie theater, or a gym? Do you enjoy waking up with the sun, or do you prefer a more secluded atmosphere? You can plan where to have a tennis court or swimming pool. Do you want an open layout and tall ceilings, or a cozier home that will be more energy efficient? Collect pictures from magazines and Pinterest so you have ideas of what other people have accomplished.

Do you want a consistent style throughout the home? Your dream home may have old-fashioned features and modern appliances, or individualized features for your different family members. The goal is to find a home where you can be comfortable for as long as you want.

Choose Your Custom Home Building Team

This may be the most important thing you do. General contractors can help with all of the big and small tasks when it comes to designing and building custom homes. As a new home builder, you need to find someone you can trust who will take responsibility away from you so you can carry on with your life while your home is being built. Make sure your general contractor is fully bonded and insured, with a track record of successful projects and relationships with other customers. Don’t be shy about checking credentials and references.

Constant Communication with your General Contractor

At DM Building, we work with you from conceptual design to finished project. The sooner you involve us in the project, the more we can help with each phase of the process. We will listen to all of your ideas and provide you with different options to help you finalize your design. Our design and construction experts work together as a team to achieve the desired results. Communication is the key to a successful project, and homebuilders can stay involved every step of the way.

Staying Within Your Building Budget and Timeline

You will need building permits and inspections as part of the process. We will be in charge of all of those details so we can make sure your project stays on schedule. Once we start building, it usually takes about a year to build a new home, but we can often shorten that timeline by making sure every team member is doing their part. There won’t be any unexpected expenses because you will make the decisions after looking at the different options.

When you need a San Diego New Home and Remodel general contractor, we are here to help with everything from custom rebuilding to custom kitchens to window and door replacement. Call today so we can get started working on your dreams together.

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