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Make Sure to Add These Features When Building a Custom Home  

When you are building a custom home, you should add features you’ve only ever dreamed of. There are so many varieties and styles when it comes to customizing your home, that there are probably features you never realized you could choose from.

Here are some great, unique options people are adding to custom homes

Hidden Rooms

Custom Home, Hidden Room

Even beyond the added security it brings, a hidden room brings a sense of adventure you can’t find any other way. Speak to your new home builder about how to hide the signs that your bonus room exists. Use a swinging bookshelf or just blend the colors so outsiders don’t notice the opening.

Use the hidden space as a quiet library, a private movie theater, a bar where you can invite your friends for big game nights, or simply a hidden den where you can go when you need a little privacy.

Take Advantage of Built-Ins

Custom Home Built Ins

Add to your home’s overall storage space while improving the aesthetics. Here are some of the best uses for built-in shelves:

Enlarge Your Mudroom, Laundry Room, and/or Entryway

Custom Home, Laundry Room

These spaces normally do not get as much attention, but if you can plan a custom home that meets your functional needs. Think about your habits and what will work best for your family. Will it be easier to have a large entryway where you can greet visitors without showing them into the main part of your home? Would a larger mudroom make it easier for a large family to change out of jackets and into slippers when coming home?

How nice would it be to have room to store all your laundry needs and have an extra sink and folding table in your laundry room? Think about putting the laundry room upstairs if that’s where most of the bedrooms are.


Custom Home, Skylights

You can completely transform your home with the best use of light. Skylights add energy efficiency and make your home look larger, and you may even find that you appreciate the extra sunlight throughout the year to improve your mood.

Add Practical Features, Like Extra Outlets or Light Switches


Custom Homes, Light Switches

Especially nowadays, when we are always plugged in, we need to have an outlet within reach almost everywhere. Add extra outlets in the bathroom, bedroom, and outside.

You can also place outlets in unexpected places, like under cabinets, so you don’t have to see them. Add light switches/power switches at multiple doorways to make it easier to navigate the rooms.

Central Vacuuming

Custom Home, Central Vacuum

Instead of taking a vacuum cleaner from room to room, take the attachment and take advantage of a powerful central vacuum system. These systems are not just convenient and easy to use, but they come with built-in HEPA filtration to help keep the air cleaner.

Design a Unique Master Bedroom and/or Have More than One

Custom Home Master Bedroom

You will probably spend more time in the master bedroom than in any other room, so design it for beauty and comfort. Do you want to spend most of your time in the master bedroom sleeping? You may want a smaller, darker room with little to no furniture besides the bed.

Do you want to use your bedroom as a retreat? You may want to add a loveseat, desk set, and bookshelves.

If you need space for in-laws or older children, you may want to speak with your general contractors about having a second master bedroom or even building an attached or detached ADU that has all the comforts of a master bedroom.

Don’t feel as though you have to build a home-based on ideas from your past. If you can imagine it, we may be able to help you achieve it. Call DM Building today so we can start helping you build the home of your dreams.

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