Empty Nest Home Remodel Ideas

Empty Nest Home Remodeling

Although the term “empty nest” is a bittersweet one, having extra rooms in your home can be used to create space that better accommodates your lifestyle now, and increases the value of your home at the same time. Plus, remodeling empty rooms doesn’t have to be drastic; with a few restorations, your remodel can turn back into a bedroom to house any kids who return home on a temporary, or more extended, basis.

Here are a few home remodeling ideas for San Diego empty nesters who want to reconfigure extra space in their home.

Remodeling An Empty Bedroom Into a Home Office

You don’t have to own a business to make use of a home office. Think of where you do paperwork now—it’s likely in the kitchen or family room where the space could be better used. A home office creates an area to perform business-like activities, but it’s also a place to read, write, or go online without distractions—business related or not. Plus, a home office can store filing cabinets and other furnishings that don’t fit, figuratively and literally, in other rooms of the house.

Remodeling Empty Space Into An Exercise Room

Turning an empty room into a spin room, private yoga studio, or home gym depending on the space can save money on gym fees, and create an area for exercise and/or quiet retreat in your own home. Ideas to complete the remodeled look include mirrored walls, extra large windows for ventilation and natural light, fans, and a built-in sound system.

Remodeling Empty Space Into a Space To Play

Having a recreational room in the home is great for entertaining a large group of people around a wet bar and a pool table, or for a quiet game of chess shared by two. A rec room can also be used as a home theater, a poker room, or a space to host slumber parties with game consoles and a custom snack bar.

Remodeling An Extra Room Into An Art Studio

An in-home art studio is another great use of extra space—whether you’re an experienced artist or a novice who wants to give it a go. The sky’s the limit with the choice of art; you can set up professional easels for painting, a potter’s wheel, even install a small kiln for glass work or ceramics. Use the walls to hang favorite pieces of art for beauty and inspiration.

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