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Does DM Building belong to the B.B.B. ( Better Business Bureau)?
Yes, DM Building is a member of the B.B.B. (Better Business Bureau) with an A rating.

Is DM Building a licensed contractor?
We are fully licensed and insured (License No. 939850)

How long has DM Building been in business?
We have over 12 years of experience with homeowners in the San Diego area.

Are you easy to contact via email and phone?

Here’s how to get in touch with us:
Telephone: (760)644-0714
Fax: (760) 434 – 3854
Mail: P.O. Box 834 | Carlsbad, CA 92018-0834

Do you have any references?
Yes, please see our testimonials section for customer feedback.

Are there any examples of your work?
Yes, please visit our gallery to see examples of our work.

Does DM Building provide a free estimate?
Yes, just fill out our estimate form to receive your free estimate. There are no obligations by filling out the information.

What is a General Contractor?
A General Contractor is responsible for the day to day oversight of a construction project, management of vendors, management of trades and communication of information to all of the involved parties throughout the course of a building project. A general contractor is a licensed professional, you can check the integrity of their license at CSLB.GOV

Do you the contractor pull all of the required building permits?
DM Building chooses to always pull all required permits.

Some contractors choose not to pull building permits because of the added cost and time constraints that may be dependent because of them. It is, however, necessary that your contractor pulls all required permits, this is your only assurance that things will be done properly to meet all codes. Inspections put an independent third party in your corner and offer you the homeowner protection. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will only cover your home for the work that has been properly inspected.

Some contractors may ask you to get the permits. This is usually a warning sign that they are not able to pull the permit because they are unlicensed, or the work is outside of their license.

What are the risks? Your home is your biggest investment, you may be putting it unwillingly at risk as most homeowner’s insurance policies have clauses that allow them to not pay claims coming about from illegally done work.

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Does the DM Building provide a warranty?
DM Building does provide a warranty on all new construction. The warranty is for 1 year after completion of the project, this covers all aspects of building and construction throughout the project.

Do you recommend new construction or retrofit windows?
There are benefits to both types of window replacements. New construction windows are a more customized window, you may choose to increase or decrease the size of said windows. New construction windows increase the range of design options including size, color, and style. Retrofit windows are windows that are manufactured to fit the existing window openings. Your design options may be limited when using retrofit, it will depend on the pre-existing window. With both options, you may customize the color, style and or moldings that surround the interior of the window.

Can I change the size of my door or door opening?
Yes, in most cases you are able to increase or decrease the size of your door(s). Changing the size of your door opening is dependent upon pre-existing construction surrounding the door opening. It is important to check for any plumbing, electrical and support beams before starting your new door project.

Can I borrow space from another room to increase the square footage of my bathroom?
Yes, in most instances you are able to take space from an adjoining closet and or room to increase the size of your bathroom. It is important to consult a contractor when relocating walls and or plumbing to assure that your design needs can be met.

How long will it take to remodel my kitchen?
On average it takes from 4-6 weeks to complete a kitchen remodel. The more elaborate the design and finishes are the longer your remodel may take. The timeline can be extended if you are ordering custom pieces and finishes for your project.

What does renovation entail?
A renovation is when a contractor repairs or restores an existing structure to its original condition. This may include remodeling and or repair. It is important to clarify if you will be renovating the building to the original specifications of the structure or perhaps an interpretation of the original. This may require looking for particular finishes and fixtures that fit the build, this is especially true when doing a historical renovation.

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Will the new room blend with the exterior and interior of the existing building?
A room addition can be designed to flow with the existing construction. At the DM Building, our design expertise and building knowledge give us an advantage when designing a room addition. It is important that the style, size and design complement not overwhelm the existing structure.

Can I still live in my home when adding a second story?
Yes, you can still live in your residence during the construction of a second story. However, you may have limited access to the first story pending construction. At DM Building we do our best to maintain a clean and organized job site but dust and debris are to be expected.

What qualifies as a design-build?
Design Build is a one-stop shop of sorts. Together the customer and Contractor design and create the home and or space Once a design is created then the same Contractor builds the project. Choosing to do a design-build is a great way to ensure that every detail is built to the specifications of your original design.