Kitchen Remodels That Stand The Test Of Time

No matter the style of your home; e.g. cool and contemporary, country and warm, eccentric, classic, or anything in between, today’s custom kitchens come packed with so many stylistic features and functions that they’re now the central hub of the home for socializing, working, crafting, and entertaining above family rooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

New kitchen trends are all the rage on home improvement shows and remodeling websites, but there are some custom kitchen ideas that will hold their ground year after year in terms of value, beauty, and functionality. Let’s take a look at a few.

Custom Kitchens Of Automation

Custom kitchens that include hands-free, motion-sensor faucets, sensor-activated lights, even meat thermometers that can alert your phone when the meal is cooked, create a modern, streamlined experience in the kitchen that is both convenient and energy-efficient.

Automated custom kitchens are also ideal for homeowners with limited hand abilities, and homes with small children that can’t reach faucet handles or light switches—not to mention cooks working with multiple pots and sticky hands.

Countertops and Backsplashes Set The Style Of a Custom Kitchen


Of all the materials used to design a custom kitchen, countertop and backsplash materials create the look for the entire room. Surfaces including polished granite, quartz, wood, marble, and stainless steel are popular choices that can add sophistication and dramatic flair to even the tiniest of kitchen spaces.

And don’t think of backsplashes as a 4-inch border that lines your countertops. Custom kitchens include backsplashes that take up every inch of wall space in the kitchen—adding beautiful color and texture behind stoves, sinks, and in between cabinets.

An Open Kitchen Is a Lasting Kitchen


Creating an open kitchen floor plan for your custom kitchen remodel is the most versatile choice you can make for your home—and one that will add the most value. Open kitchens are the norm in chic restaurants, designer apartments, and new home construction—and this trend is likely to continue.

Open custom kitchens provide a space that is welcoming and transitioning to other rooms in the house; they keep a family in touch by combining meal prep with countertop activities such as homework, and they eliminate wall space that can block natural light—adding depth and volume to kitchens in smaller homes.

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