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Most people don’t elect to purchase a home with the intention of eventually moving out of it, yet that’s often reality as people start a family and accrue more and more items over time. Before they know it, the space that they once thought of as plentiful becomes more and more cramped – and a “For Sale” sign in the front yard isn’t long to follow. But if you love your current home, love the neighborhood that you’re in and all the amenities the area has to offer, why not stay in your current home and instead build the extra space you’ll need? It can be done by constructing a second story floor addition on any existing single-story home.
Building up is a lot less intimidating than it may seem, and it comes with a bevy of benefits beyond just the additional living space that you’ll acquire when construction is complete. In this post, we decided to dig into some of the major benefits that you have to realize from building up rather than moving out. Here’s a closer look:

Benefits of 2nd Story Home Addition

1. More Living Space

Perhaps the biggest benefit associated with any type of home addition – let alone a second story floor addition – is that it creates more living space. Whether you’ve always wanted that dream master bedroom and bath, a custom-built home office or you just need more space for your growing family, an addition can comfortably create that space. The options you have to custom-create the space are truly endless. Whether you need a mother-in-law suite to care for an aging relative or want to create a guest room for your college graduate to stay in as they begin their career, you can tailor the space to meet any need.
2. Stay in Your Current Home
You’ve likely heard the terms “starter home” and “forever home” thrown around a lot in real estate. But by adding a home addition, you can actually turn your starter home into your forever home without ever having to move. Investing in a home improvement such as this is ideal for homeowners who love their current home, current neighborhood and area schools and just need more space to support their lifestyle over time.
3. Added Value
A second story floor addition is a home improvement with a significant return on investment. In fact, it’s estimated that adding a second story can increase your home’s value by up to 60 percent. You’ll be happy you made the addition if you’re ever in a position to sell your home later on in life.
4. Maintain Current Lot Size
When it comes to the question of expanding your home, any home addition can either be built on or built up. One nice thing about building up is that the overall footprint of the home won’t change. In other words, since you’ll be adding up, you won’t have to utilize parts or all of your yard for an addition. This means you can keep your current yard space and create the new living space that you want. Adding up rather than adding on makes for a much more efficient use of space.
5. Home Remodel
A second story addition is a bit more complex than just literally building up your current home. There are also various adjustments that must be made to the current living space to accommodate a stairwell and you’re also likely to be taking out walls where bedrooms once existed if they’ll now be located within the new construction area. Noting all of this, an addition is a great opportunity to launch an all-out home renovation. Maybe you expand the kitchen, create an open floor plan on the lower level or take the opportunity to install new doors and windows? The opportunities are endless, but the end result can be a completely redesigned home that’s just the way you want it. Make sure to consult with a licensed, qualified general contractor.

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