Home Remodel Trends In San Diego County

Five Hot Home Remodel Trends

Whether you’re thinking about home remodeling, have started and are stuck on a creative level, or you’re about to begin new home construction from the ground up, here are 5 of the hottest trends in home remodeling throughout San Diego county and beyond.

1. Remodeling With Handleless Kitchens

Top manufacturers and designers in the home remodeling world are going handleless in custom kitchens to create a sleek, streamlined experience for everyone spending time in the heart of the home. From appliances such as motion-sensor faucets that run water for as long as the pot is under it, to a knocking-sensitive dishwasher that will open when tapped twice on the outside of the door, handleless kitchens are handy for the multitasking chef, and for those with limited hand abilities.

2. Remodeling With Stand-Alone Showers

Separate shower areas are being incorporated into every contemporary San Diego home remodeling design; with over-sized rainfall shower heads, jet sprays, and backsplashes made of tile, glass, metal, and stone. Not only is a stand-alone shower an attractive design for the bathroom, it’s been argued it’s a more hygienic one, for those who want to use a bathtub that hasn’t been stood on to bathe.

3. Remodeling With Eco-Friendly Materials

If you’re not thinking of home remodeling with green materials, you’re in the environmental red. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials are the go-to in modern home remodeling, and top remodeling contractors in the industry (like DM Building), back this up. Eco-friendly sourcing of materials, energy-efficient output, and low-impact waste is what turns standard materials into those that leave a positive carbon footprint.

Custom Kitchens In San Diego County

4. Remodeling With Open Kitchens

Open kitchens connect a space for eating, working, and living into one room. Interacting with evening homework at the countertop while monitoring the stove is not only time-saving, but a great way to talk about the day with loved ones who often slip away after dinner. Open kitchens have carved out a top place in remodeling project popularity  in San Diego County, especially among homeowners with small children.

5. Custom Remodeling Is Key

Remodeling a space customized for your home is key in contemporary remodeling design. This can include anything under the sun (or roof): handmade mosaic tiles in the shower, wallpaper of your children’s art on your bedroom wall, or your grandfather’s butcher block in the kitchen—refinished in white oak stain .

Custom home remodels can include your personal style into the remodel process. Many homeowners in San Diego County are looking to update and put their own spin on the house they grew up in or the house they just built.

We at DM Builders ‘ve got a helping hand for you and we’re ready to get started right away!


Choose Whole Home or Select a Single Room to Improve

The home remodeling trends in San Diego County are diverse and change often, with some of the most popular being kitchen remodels and bath remodels.

The best way to save money on a home remodeling project is to plan ahead. And the most important part of that plan? Budgeting, which can be tricky when you’re not familiar  with the prices of common remodeling projects. Before you start please decide if you want to renovate one particular room  or do a whole house remodel.

DM Building Contractors specialize in residential second story additions, single story expansions, room additions, kitchen renovations, bath renovations and more – whether you plan to remodel only a single room or the whole house. We are the most trusted home remodeling company in San Diego, confirmed by numerous happy past and current clients in the County!

Bathroom Remodeling

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, DM Building Remodeling Contractors can help! We have the experience and resources to provide a customized plan that will make your bathroom an oasis of rest after a long day’s work. Our experts will take it from there and help you get that dream bathroom in no time.

Why go to the expense of remodeling a bathroom when experts can help transform it into your personal spa? Our home renovation contractors in San Diego County provide customers with expert advice, high-quality materials and everything else needed for an exceptional upgrade.

The latest bathroom remodeling trends are now including features like walk-in bathtubs, hot tubs and water massagers. It’s all the more reason to have one of these modern bathrooms from DM Building Remodeling Contractors in San Diego County!

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are often the most personal space in a home. When remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to consider both your taste and your needs. Some people like kitchens with modern appliances while others prefer more traditional ones. You should also think about how much you spend on groceries or if you have kids who need their own space for homework. To help make this decision easier, there is a list of common trends that builders and architects see when they look at homes throughout San Diego County:

– More open floor plans

– More light throughout the home

– Higher ceilings, including vaulted ceilings

– Natural materials such as wood and stone

– Open kitchens that flow into the living area

– Inviting outdoor spaces

Their kitchen remodeling is a unique opportunity for homeowners to add more functionality and space within their home. New materials, colors, finishes and layouts offer various opportunities that improve the overall livability of kitchens without sacrificing on aesthetics. This includes concrete countertop installations, tile flooring installation and more.

DM Building Remodeling Contractors are committed to help homeowners explore new options for their kitchens.

Home Theaters Remodeling

The home theater remodeling trend is on the rise in San Diego County. A home theater is more than just a place where you watch movies. It can be an entire entertainment hub that provides the ultimate living room experience for family and friends; it’s your personal movie theater.

Home theater remodeling is a great way to enhance your home’s value and entertainment experience. The team at DM Building Remodelers can help you create the perfect space for watching,  playing, and listening at your personal, unique an the most comfortable style.

DM Building Remodelers offers professional services like consultation and planning with low prices that will save you time and money when it comes to this type of project!

Bowling Alleys Remodel

Bowling alleys remodel is a popular home remodeling trend that has been gaining traction in San Diego County. It’s highly recommended for homeowners because it provides an alternative to the traditional entertainment home space.

DM Building Remodeling Contractors, one of the most trusted remodeling companies in the area, offers bowling alley renovations as well as other types of custom home improvement projects.


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Home Remodeling Trends In San Diego County by DM Building Remodeling Contractors

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