North San Diego Home Trends

5 Top Home Trends

There are so many reasons people love living in Northern San Diego County, from the weather to the water to the nightlife, museums and, amusement parks.

With activities to offer for professionals, families, and single people, the great houses are just icing on the cake. Right now is the perfect time for anyone who has been putting off home renovation to finally create their dream home, because of the low-interest rates and fun new trends.

The low-interest rates make for a sellers’ market, but also mean that anyone looking into a home remodel can take out a loan with more favorable terms than normal. The biggest decision will be how to update your home so that it is more suited to your personal lifestyle and needs.

Here are some of the biggest trends hitting North San Diego right now:

1) Accommodations for Disability or Age

Do you have an in-law, spouse, parent, or other extra needs relative living in your home or visiting frequently? Many people are adding accommodations to their entrances, bathrooms, and other rooms to meet the needs of others living independently in their homes or who have extra requirements, such as wheelchair ramps. Lowered countertops, handrails, and wider walkways are all some of the features you can add to your home to make it more accessible to your loved ones.

2) Extra Room for Growing or Multigenerational Families

Teenagers and other adults need their privacy, but they don’t have to find their own place to live. You can create an in-law suite, (ADU or Additional Dwelling Unit),or remodel a garage or even just add on a room or two to your existing home. When families come to help out with the children or when young adults start at a local college, they can be at home where all their needs are met and maintain their independence.

3) Modernization

New Build Modern Style La Cantina Doors Indoor Outdoor Living Room

If you are living in an older home, you might want to add modern features and appliances. That could mean entirely re-doing your kitchen and/or bathrooms so that you can experience all the conveniences, comfort, and energy efficiency of modern technology. Windows and doors are particularly important, because while older materials may have been sturdy, they may not have offered modern benefits like keeping down your utility bills.

4) The Old-Fashioned Touch

Do you want to keep your modern gadgets but surround yourself with the beauty of the past? Especially with some of the older homes in San Diego, many homeowners enjoy being surrounded by both new and old. One popular kind of home improvement project for San Diego Home Remodelers is to update cabinets, doors, flooring, and other parts of the home with old-fashioned-looking but modern versions.

5) Outdoor Kitchens

Who doesn’t love grilling out? The smells, the memories, the convenience of having the mess outside — all of these reasons and more have caused people to go even further and create entire kitchens outdoors. Before you start, consult with a local home remodeling general contractor to make sure you are creating a safe environment for yourself and your family. Even with an outside kitchen, you will need to make sure you have the proper insulation and ventilation. Any appliances you use outside should be rated for outdoor use, not just for safety but for the longevity of your items. You will also still need safe storage spaces and enough counter space to prepare your meals in a sanitary manner. Once you experience the beauty and convenience of an outdoor kitchen, you will regret all the years you spent cooking indoors.

If you want to take advantage of the low rates and create something you can look back on with pride, call San Diego New Home and Remodel General Contractor DMBuilders Inc. today. Servicing North San Diego communities like Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Cardiff, Leucadia, Oceanside, San Marcos, and many more, we can give you a free estimate on your project and tell you how to get started. Fully insured and licensed, our home contractors will help you stay within your budget while we take on the responsibility of your project for you.