Insider Tips For Fabulous Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Remodel Tips

Today’s bathrooms are no longer just a utilitarian space, but a place for stylish features and luxurious accommodations. If you have a bathroom that’s just getting by, here are a few tips that can change your bathroom from simply functional, to functional and fabulous—while adding value to your home at the same time.

A Bathroom Remodel Should Focus On The Floor

A continuing trend in bathroom remodeling is that a unique floor can set the tone for the entire room. Engineered, water-resistant wood, stone tile, even concrete (no, it doesn’t look like the surface of your driveway), come in varied textures and colors that can provide beautiful contrast or continuity to the rest of your bathroom design.

Lighting Should Illuminate a Bathroom Remodel

Lighting design can add as much style and tone to a bathroom as any paint, wall, or flooring design. Choose bright, clear lighting for contemporary bathrooms for a clean, sleek feel, and soft lighting for a relaxing spa illumination in a large or small bathroom remodel.

Gray Is the New Black In Bathroom Remodeling

Gray has become the go-to color in not just home remodeling design, but in bathroom remodels as well. This is in part to gray’s neutral color, and its ability to match with any style; from contemporary, to classic, even country (think gray and yellow, gray and beige, etc.). Gray color schemes are not as intense as black, and can be used in multi-colored backsplashes and highlights in showers, bathroom countertops, and flooring.

Big Showers Are Now a Bathroom Remodel Standard

A tiny, locker room shower may have worked in yesteryear bathrooms, but today’s homeowners, even with extremely small bathroom space, are using this space for a luxurious shower. Large, walk-in showers with trackless doors, rain shower heads, and elaborate, spa-like jet systems, are key among top-selling bathroom remodels. These showers are being dubbed “Power Showers,” and with good reason.

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