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Custom Framing Is the Foundation of Any New Home or Room Addition

Do you have a project coming up where you’re going to need custom framing? Framing is a critical component so that your project stays on schedule and budget. Daniel Montijo and DM Building’s framing crew are committed to framing your next project to exacting standards. They know that accurate framing, quality building products and conforming to local building standards ensure that your next project meets your expectations.

Why is framing so crucial to a building project?

Framing is the skeleton of any building project — the bones that support the entire project. Tiny mistakes in framing add up to more significant errors in the finished project. Seemingly small details ensure that floors don’t squeak and that corners are accurate.

Subfloor. Correct subfloor installation ensures that that the flooring going on top will perform for its expected lifetime. Tile floors won’t crack, wood floors won’t creak, and carpeting remains stretched and smooth. DM Building pays special attention to small subfloor details including floor joists, opening for a stairway and the installation of the sill plate.

Walls. Attention to every element of framing walls ensures that drywall installation provides smooth, flat walls and doors that hang correctly and open and close easily. Corners must be square to ensure that cabinets fit and that wood or tile flooring lines up to provide visual appeal. Likewise, window and door headers must be plumb to ensure that components fit. DM Building’s framing crew pays attention to blocking to ensure that walls don’t warp and for cabinet and baseboard installation.

Moisture. DM Building’s team knows the importance of keeping framing lumber dry. After delivery, the framing crew ensures that the lumber is the proper moisture content. Lumber is protected to ensure that it stays dry during framing. If the moisture content is too high, mold may form within the walls. Homeowners may also hear popping and cracking as the lumber dries behind drywall. Moisture can contribute to squeaky floor and stairs.

Roof. Framing an intricate roof design requires a custom framing expert. Custom homes often featureless common roof designs. These projects require skill and finesse to achieve both aesthetics and functionality. DM Building’s staff is experienced in complex roof designs so that your project stays on schedule and on budget.

custom house framing

Why Choose DM Building for your Custom Framing Project?

Custom framing safeguards your new home or addition so that it fulfills your expectations. Here are some reasons to choose DM Building for your project.

  • DM Building is fully licensed (License No. 939850).
  • DM Building carries general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.
  • Owner, Daniel Montijo, has over 12 years of general contractor experience in the San Diego metro area.
  • DM Building obtains all required building permits to ensure that your project meets local building codes.
  • DM Building is an A-rated member of the Better Business Bureau.
  • All construction work carries a 1-year warranty upon completion of the job.
  • Their experience in design and architecture provides the expertise you need for any custom framing project.

Call DM Building at 760-644-0714 or request an estimate on your custom framing project.

custom home framing