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Renovations and Home Remodeling

Home Remodels And Renovations


Why Move When You Can Remodel Your Home?

Homeowners who love their neighborhood, its location and the camaraderie of the community may be surprised to learn that remodeling their home makes economic sense. If your home no longer meets your lifestyle, a well-thought-out home remodel allows you to avoid a costly move to a new neighborhood in a different part of the San Diego metro area.

Reasons Remodeling Makes Economic Sense

Remodeling may save you money. If you’ve owned your home for 10 or more years, a renovation project makes good economic sense.

  • You have equity. San Diego real estate has appreciated just over 55 percent in the last ten years. In all probability, you have equity in your home. You may even have enough cash to pay for a major renovation.
  • Interest rates are still low. Interest rates are relatively low for home equity loans. Take advantage of these rates with a well-planned renovation.
  • Could be cheaper than buying a new home. As land values in desirable areas rise, home prices have escalated to the point that you might be priced out of a new San Diego home.
  • Renovations may add value to your home. A well-designed remodel adds value and increases functionality.
  • Real estate fees. Paying real estate commissions when selling your existing home and purchasing a new home are more costly than many homeowners realize.

Planning Your Home Remodel

Why Choose DM Building?

Daniel Montijo, owner of DM Building and licensed general contractor, and his team provide expert advice when you decide to renovate your property.

  • Structural expertise. The team has the expertise to advise you on the feasibility of your proposed project. They know which walls can be safely removed. They evaluate your plumbing and electrical systems to avoid surprises.
  • Budget. DM Building’s team provides accurate budgeting advice so that you can make wise design decisions. They maintain close relationships with their vendors, so your project stays on schedule. Daniel and his team offer homeowners more affordable options that don’t sacrifice critical design elements.
  • Feasibility. DM Building helps you determine the practicality of your proposed home renovations. Will your ideas add more function to your house? Will this project add value to your home?

DM Building takes care of all details – from budget and timeline to obtaining all necessary permits. They are a licensed (License No. 939850), fully bonded general contractors — they provide liability insurance and workman’s compensation.

Home Renovation, Blue Prints And Interior

How Do We Get Started?

As soon as you begin thinking about a kitchen or bathroom remodel or a total house renovation, start a journal and record your ideas. Ideas are fleeting, and the idea that you had a month ago may be lost if you don’t write it down. Create a “stylebook” on Pinterest or Instagram with actual photos of cabinet styles, colors, tiles and other design features you want to incorporate into your project. Once you are ready to get started, share these ideas with DM Building.

DM Building is ready to help you take your home from tired, boring and dated to updated, functional and efficient. Stay in your neighborhood, close to friends and family with a home renovation project.

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Call DM Building at 760-644-0714 or request a new home estimate. Make your renovation a reality.