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Room Additions

Room Additions


Our Room Additions Will Make Your Home the Perfect Fit

A room addition could be the best solution to add functionality and livability to your current home. Your home may have functioned perfectly 10 years ago, but as your life changes, your needs in your home may change too.

  • Your toddlers are now teenagers, and you need a quiet bedroom retreat away from your teenagers.
  • You work from home now.
  • You have a home-based business.
  • Your parents may need to live with you.

These are just a few reasons that a room addition or home remodel might be the best choice for you.

Construction Of A New Room Addition

What types of room additions make sense?

DM Building’s expert team help clients assess their needs and provide suggestions that have worked for other homeowners. What are some of the projects that might enhance the functionality of your home?

  • Attic or above-garage bedroom or home office. The unfinished space above a garage or your attic space may provide sufficient space to add a room, suitable for a bedroom or home office. Attic home renovations face several hurdles that might prevent this from being as cost-effective as a homeowner may expect. DM Builders accesses the feasibility of potential projects.
  • Family room. Families today enjoy a large family room that provides lots of seating and space for a big-screen television. A family room addition (with or without a vaulted ceiling) is a major investment, but this addition could be the difference between loving your house again or facing the painful decision to move. The room that your new addition replaces can then be repurposed into a home office, art studio, exercise room or children’s play area.
  • In-law suite. Family units are more multigenerational than in the past. One in every five households has at least two generations living under one roof. An addition might be the ideal solution to accommodate caring for an older parent.
  • Kitchen. An addition to enlarging or expanding your kitchen might be the perfect solution to make your house functional. If family gatherings are part of your life, a larger, open-concept kitchen might make sense for your house.

Room Additions Are A Great Option

Why Choose DM Building?

DM Building has over 10 years of service to the San Diego metro area. All new construction comes with a 1-year warranty. Danny and his team ensure that your addition flows seamlessly with the architecture of your home. Your addition becomes an integrated part of your home, not something thoughtlessly added.

  • Feasibility and cost. Daniel Montijo, the owner of DM Building, helps the client evaluate the feasibility of their project. He estimates the cost and the potential return on your investment, helping you decide on the scope of your addition.
  • Fully licensed. DM Building is a fully bonded and licensed general contractor (License No. 939850). DM Building handles every detail of your project, from obtaining necessary building permits to providing liability insurance and workman’s compensation. Your project will conform to all local codes.
  • Budget and timeline. DM Building’s close relationship to his vendors helps ensure that your project stays on budget and on schedule.

Call DM Building at 760-644-0714 or request a room addition estimate.