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Window and Door Replacement

Replacement Windows And Doors


Are Replacement Windows and Doors A Good Investment?

Windows and doors are an integral part of your home’s functionality and comfort. Older windows may allow cold drafts in the winter months or even leak during one of San Diego’s occasional rainstorms. Sliding doors may become difficult to open and close, or those original French doors may be looking worn and outdated. Is it time to replace your windows or doors? And if the answer is yes, will they be a good investment when you get ready to sell your home?

The ABC’s of Window Replacement

The knowledgeable staff at DM Building helps each homeowner understand the decision-making process, explaining both aesthetics and energy conservation. Home renovations that include window or door replacement not only enhance livability but yield an excellent ROI when you sell.

Reasons to replace windows

  • Your home is over 15 years old
  • Drafts when it’s windy
  • Leaks if it rains
  • Difficult to open and close
  • Unsightly, either on the inside or from the exterior
  • Rising energy costs

Replacement window choices

Window frame type — vinyl (most affordable), fiberglass, composite, or wood-framed windows clad in aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl (most expensive).

Window styles

  • Double-hung – the most popular style. Both sashes open vertically for ease of opening and cleaning.
  • Single-hung – more affordable, but the top sash is fixed, making this style windowless functional and more difficult to clean.
  • Casement – opens sideways with a hand crank.
  • Bay window – a set of three windows that protrude from your house and create an architectural detail for your home.
  • Garden window – popular for kitchen remodels. These are like a mini-bay window and provide a place for growing plants.
  • Picture windows – a single pane of glass that provides an uninterrupted view to the outside. These are popular in living rooms or breakfast rooms to take advantage of a beautiful view.
  • Convert a window to a French door – this solution offers egress to a patio or garden area and provides more light for the room.

Window And Door Replacement Services

Patio windows

San Diego residents enjoy some of the best weather of any location in the U.S. Most homes have a patio, but the old sliding door may have become difficult to open and close over the years. The seal might have failed causing one side of the sliding door to become foggy. As homeowners get older, opening and closing that cranky old sliding door to the patio may become more difficult. What are the replacement choices?

  • Sliding doors. Newer sliding door systems are much easier to slide open and closed, needing only a slight nudge to move. They are more energy-efficient too. They provide unobstructed views.
  • French doors. Some homeowners prefer the ability to fully open the door for ease of access. However, they are not as convenient in smaller areas since no furniture can be placed in front of them.

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Replacement windows offer a return-on-investment that is unrivaled by other home remodel projects … providing up to 90 percent ROI with well-planned window and door replacements. Enjoy the beauty and ease of operation with new windows and doors knowing that your investment will be realized again when you sell your home. DM Building is a licensed general contractor.

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