Add A Second Story To Your Home

Most people who live in the same place for a while start to feel as though the house is getting smaller. Your family designates certain spaces for specific activities, and you start collecting items and furniture as your interests grow. Before the walls start closing in, you start thinking about living in a bigger house. If you are happy with your neighborhood, or if you just hate moving, it’s smart to think about adding on to your existing home.

It may seem easiest to simply add a room at the back or side of your existing home. Many people choose to add an extra bedroom or den at the back of the house, or add a structure on the side. That might work for you, depending on your circumstances. There are several advantages, though, to adding the new space by building up. A second story floor addition might be the best solution for you and your family.

Create New Living Space

The main reason people build an addition onto their homes is that they need more space for living. Especially if your family is growing, you will need more bedrooms, more room for the family to eat together, and more space for family activities. Even if you live alone or have a small family, you may get to the point where you would feel more comfortable with extra room. Many additions are for home offices, game rooms, gyms, and theaters.

You might even need to add extra room for storage so that you can take better advantage of your living space. Your 2nd story home addition will help you keep seasonal items safe but out of the way until you need them.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The improvements to your home, along with the extra square footage, will make your home more valuable. When you bought your home, the first question you probably asked was the square footage. The bigger the home, the more money you may be able to get for it if you ever decide to move. You can work with your home remodel contractors to make sure you are adding the most value while still achieving your personal goals.

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Keep Your Yard

 Do you like to hang out in your backyard? Whether you have children who need to play outside, or if you just like to garden or sit with friends, an addition at ground level will cut into your yard space. Depending on your lot size, you may already be pushing it as to how much further you can push your outer walls out. You don’t want to feel as though you and your next-door neighbors share walls. There may even be rules about how far your house can get to the edge of your lot.

Completely Change the Look of Your Home

 A lot of people enjoy painting their walls, not just to keep and clean looking but so they have a change of scenery. You may also enjoy changing your curtains and bedding or doing little home improvement projects. When you add a 2nd story home addition, you can choose some of your favorite features and work with your home contractors to add features you like so you have a whole new look. The shape of the house will be different because of the extra floor, but you can be creative and get the house you love.

Live in the House You Want Without Moving

This is really the biggest advantage of adding on a second story floor addition to meet your home renovation needs. Your children won’t have to leave their schools and their friends, and you won’t have to leave your neighbors and learn new neighborhoods and grocery stores. You can get what feels like a new home without packing and going through chaos for months.

If you are thinking about adding room to your home, don’t wait until you dread coming home. At  DM Building, we will work with you to figure out how to make your wants meet your needs so that you can make changes that work for you and your family. Call today so you can speak to our general contractors and we can start today.