What They Don'T Tell You On Home Improvement Shows

Those who watch TV shows about a home remodel are likely familiar with the way the home improvement ideas always seem to turn out perfect.

No matter how much of a wreck the house is, or how lofty the goals of the property owner are, everything always seems to turn out perfectly. This might tempt people into believing that their desired renovation will also proceed beautifully. Unfortunately, there are several things that are often glossed over on home improvement TV shows.

There are plenty of home remodels that end up going well; however, it is important for everyone to be prepared for the occasional bump or hiccup along the way. By preparing for some of these potential challenges, some of them might even be avoided. This can also save property owners a significant amount of stress.

The Time Frame is Often Unrealistic

One of the most common scenes that people witness on home renovation TV shows is a rushed timeframe. Somehow, the producers of the show are able to squeeze an entire kitchen or bathroom remodel into a single episode, making it appear to take only a few days. In reality, this process could take several weeks or even months. These projects are typically handled in stages and, on TV, many of these important steps are glossed over before they aren’t glamorous for TV. After all, who wants to sit there and watch primer or sealer being applied in addition to the paint? This can add a significant amount of time to any home renovation project.

Renovation Budgets Seen on TV are Rarely Accurate

One of the biggest surprises that people face when they start a renovation project is the cost. Often, these renovation projects end up going over budget because as the project gets going, there are other issues that arise that need to be fixed. When walls are removed, there might be mold that appears unexpectedly that needs to be cleaned up. Somehow, the projects on TV always seem to stick pretty close to their budget.

What people might not know is that the TV show often partners with various companies that are willing to provide free materials in exchange for the marketing that comes with being on TV. This helps projects stay close to their budget. In reality, the budgets for the projects that people see on TV just aren’t realistic.

Home Improvement Projects

Flipping a House in Not Easy

Many of the TV shows are focused on the task of flipping houses. For those who might not know, this is the process of taking a house that is rundown and not ready to sell, renovating the entire thing, and then selling the house for an enormous profit. There are numerous TV shows that make this process seem like a breeze, almost as though anyone can do it. This simply isn’t the case.

First of all, the real estate market has changed dramatically. People used to flock to the housing market in order to purchase properties that they can auction. The market has changed and it is more difficult to flip a house today. Furthermore, getting a rundown house ready to sell is often such an expensive process that people might not even make a profit.

The Stress of a Home Renovation Project is Overlooked

The storylines that people see on TV are often embellished for the show. When someone makes the decision to renovate a part of their house, this comes with a lot of stress. Think about being unable to use the kitchen, the living room, or one of the bathrooms for weeks on end. This can add a lot of stress to the day to day life of a family. Therefore, when families are thinking about starting a renovation project, they need to be prepared for the stress of this project. There will be workers at the house daily and the routine may be disrupted.

Trust the Professionals for a Home Remodel

In order to minimize these challenges, it is important for everyone to trust the professionals when it comes to a home renovation. By hiring professional home remodel contractors, homeowners are trusting experienced professionals who have been through this before. Home contractors are able to discuss the process before it begins, helping to set the stage and ensure that all expectations are met. General contractors can ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible, making those home renovation dreams become a reality.

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